So Who Are All of the People on the New Daft Punk Album?

We know you have seen all of the ominous looking posters advertising Daft Punk’s upcoming album, Random Access Memories, which is finally due for release on May 21st.

Keeping with the anxiety-inducing theme of mystery around their new release, the iconic electric duo have recruited the likes and talents of a pretty diverse crew of cameo stars.

1. Panda Bear, otherwise known as Noah Lennox, the frontman of the eccentric band Animal Collective, is a coveted force in the realm of indie music. His trademark psychedelic approach to music has led him to collaborations with such acts as Atlas Sound and Zomby.

2. Funk soul brotha Pharrell Williams seems like a somewhat less curious choice, and not at all displeasing to hear about. Having been one of the most active and proficient hip-hop producers in the scene for the last ten years, it only makes sense that these musical giants would find each other in the party pool.

If you’re as excited about this album as we are, head over to Beatport for a full list of collaborators on Random Access Memories.