Stan Lee To Be Deposed In Lawsuit With Disney

The comic book legend who co-created such legendary characters that you know and love will be deposed next week in a billion-dollar lawsuit against Disney.

90-year-old Stan Lee, who’s reportedly experiencing health issues, will address his working relationship with Marvel over the years in a court of law. The legendary brain behind Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the X-Men will be questioned by lawyers representing Stan Lee Media, the company bearing his name that he abandoned a decade ago.

The lawsuit aims to prove that Disney, which purchased Lee’s longtime home of Marvel for $4 billion, has committed copyright infringement on valuable characters since 2009 that allegedly were raided when SLM filed for bankruptcy.

Discovery in the case was put on hold last week because a Colorado federal judge said that the lawsuit potentially could be ended upon pending Disney motions, but the judge has carved out room for the plaintiffs to potentially question Lee about whether he ever owned copyrights to his valuable characters or whether his work was done as a “work for hire.” The deposition is happening upon word given to the judge that the 90-year-old Lee is experiencing health problems.

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