Steven Spielberg To Travel The World

With director Steven Spielberg ready to host this year’s Cannes Film Festival, it seems the legendary helmer is looking to take some time off at some of his most famous film locations.

The trip will take Steven Spielberg on around the world in his $200 million yacht in an epic voyage that will see him returning to locales that served as the place for his most classic cinematic pieces. Beginning in North Africa and Sri Lanka, where he filmed his Indiana Jones movies, Spielberg will then disembark at Shanghai where he made Empire of the Sun, and Hawaii where Jurassic Park filmed on Kauai.

The 66-year-old filmmaker plans to take his wife, the actress, Kate Capshaw, and some of his seven children with him on his 30,000 mile adventure that his staff are calling “Verneing” in homage to Jules Verne, author of Around the World in Eighty Days.

Verneing seems to be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for the director, who was raised in the Arizona desert and confessed during the shooting of Jaws, that he gets seasick.

After this year’s Cannes Film Festival ends, Spielberg has cleared all of his filming commitments this summer so he can set sail on the yacht he bought for $3 billion from a Dutch shipyard two years ago. It features a 3-D cinema screen, a spa, a helipad, two “spare” motorboats and an infinity pool with a 15-foot glass wall that doubles as an outdoor cinema.

Upon his return, Spielberg has around 25 movies to oversee including Jurassic Park IV, biopics about Moses, British racing driver James Hunt and composer George Gershwin, plus two more Tintin movies.

Props: The Sunday Times