Stolen iPad Pictures Become Viral

Lesson learned: Steal a lost iPad and your mug could end up on the Internet. Everything’s in the cloud.

While flying from Phoenix to Detroit, Allen Engstrom, of Little Rock, Arkansas, forgot to snatch his iPad before he deplaned, 10News reports. He thought he’d never find it again until a month later, when Engstrom started spotting an unknown woman’s selfies in his photostream, which was still active.

Hoping to locate the iPad’s new “owner,” Engstrom put a bulletin out online to expose the woman, whose face is now plastered across the Internet. On Facebook, he posted: “The wonderful person who snaked my iPad continues to take glamour shots of herself apparently unaware that they are backing up to my iPhone,” Engstrom wrote on Facebook. “So naturally I’m blasting them out to the entire world. Enjoy!”

Lost/stolen iPads and iPhones happen every day, but it’s not every day that the word spreads across the Net. Engstrom has taken to posting articles related to the theft on his Facebook.

Apparently, the woman turned off the “Find My iPad” feature, but Engstrom remains hopeful. “All I have is her image and the power of social media to help me get my iPad back,” he says.

Photo Credit: UPI