Street Style: Raving With DJ Bl3nd

deadmau5 isn’t the only raving DJ who conceals his mug while rocking raging crowds. We caught up with DJ Bl3nd in New York City for a look at his wild style that includes elaborate masks and rock-star garbs. Read about how his music and gnarly masks sync up below, and click through the gallery to see him turn the Big Apple rotten.


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
The Look: Horror-flick fresh
Download This: “Here We Go,” “Fkn Insane”

People say EDM, but I go by ERM: Electronic Rage Music. I just like making hard-core, upbeat, energetic raging music that will make people go crazy. I always go with what feels right and try new things; that’s how I keep my music fresh. I used to only mix in my room—I made videos and one was a club mix that has 63 million [YouTube] views. That’s where the mask came from, because my parents didn’t want me exposing my face to the world.
My dad helps me make new signs for my masks, like the new one with metal spikes. We’ll be walking down the street, and I’ll see some shoes with leopard on them, and figure, “Oh wow, leopard would totally look cool on the mask.” Not all my masks are scary; some are more people-friendly, like the one with dreads. One of my friends said I should do a DJ Bl3nd Unmasked tour. It’d be cool, but I’d never take off my mask. It’s nice to keep a personal, private life. —As told to Sarah Polonsky

Photography: John Keatley

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