Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano Reflect on UMF, Swedish House Mafia and more

VIBE caught up with Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano last weekend at Ultra Music Festival after their piping hot performance on the main stage. The dangerously attractive dutch DJ duo spill the beans on their fave live acts, upcoming releases and some wacky fan behavior…

VIBE: How was your Ultra Music Festival performance on the main stage?
Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano: It was literally hot, sweaty hot. It was amazing, performing on the Ultra main stage – it’s one of the biggest things we ever did.

Would you say playing in the daytime is a little bit tougher?
Yeah, it’s tougher because the sun was really hot and it’s the last day, but the energy and love fans showed us made you forget how hot it was.

Describe you sound in three words.
Sexy-raw tribal bake.

Have you had any really crazy fan moments since you’ve been to Ultra?
We went to an interview and some people saw us in the taxi. They stopped the taxi and opened the door shouting, ‘Oh fuck, it’s Ryan Marciano.’ Two years ago, you can walk around and sometimes someone would recognize you, but now when I’m walking it’s like ‘Picture! Picture!” so it’s getting there.

What are you guys working on next?
Our next release is going to be on Size Records and it’s a collab with Chocolate Puma called ‘Stiffness’. It’s really bumpy and tribal. Also working on a collaboration with Sander van Doorn, which will be released on Size as well. Today we played a new track of ours, ‘Ultronik’, and it’s already busting on Twitter.

Who’s your favorite live act to watch?
I love our boys, the Swedes [Swedish House Mafia]. Those guys did a lot for us. Of course, Carl Cox – he’s a legend. I love to watch Loco Dice. I mean, his vibe and energy keeps you going. Danny Tenaglia is one of my favorites. He’s giving you the vibe, and as a DJ, he’s legendary. Basically, we love all the guys from the underground – they give us a lot of inspiration – and it doesn’t matter if you don’t like the music, they will still keep the energy going.