Teen Sells App To Yahoo! For A Reported $30 Million

A 17-year-old has just bagged a reported $30 million for selling his self-made app to Yahoo. He also has a job before even graduating high school at the esteemed company.

Let that sink in.

Reuters reports Nick D’Aloisio, a British/ Australian programming whiz kid, created the smartphone news app Summly that summarizes your news in Spark Notes-like fashion. His app garnered early support from the likes of Yoko Ono and Rupert Murdoch.

His advice to child wunderkinds looking to make a big buck before they enter adulthood? “If you have a good idea, or you think there’s a gap in the market, just go out and launch it because there are investors across the world right now looking for companies to invest in,” he told Reuters.

While the terms of the sale with Yahoo! have not been disclosed, D’Aloisio, who is still studying for school exams, will be named Yahoo’s youngest employee.

The teen says he was inspired to create the app out of frustration while hitting the books for a history exam two years ago. Fed up with scrolling through Google results and separate sites to find information, he eventually created a prototype of the app that separates news stories into chunks of readable text on smartphone screens.

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