THINX Reinvent ‘Period Panties’

Okay, ladies. If there’s one thing we hate about being women, it’s having to deal with a period every mont–that seven-day-long (or shorter) stint where we have painful cramps, mood swings and bloating. Thankfully, we’ve got medicine to dull the body changes. But there hasn’t been an awesome invention to combat the common misfortune of ruining a perfectly good pair of panties because of a nasty surprise downstairs until now.

Antonia, Miki and Radha Agrawal were inspired to create Thinx Underwear after a trip to India. “It all began while wearing a white skirt to a meeting. Let’s just say I had to go home and change my clothes,” explains Rahda. “I thought to myself, I can’t believe they don’t make underwear that’s leak and stain resistant. And wouldn’t it be great if they did?”

Instead of waiting for a corporate head to come up with the idea, the three cousins raised money on IndieGogo to do it themselves. According to the THINX official website, the sensible underwear will also benefit a great cause.


For every pair of the high-performance, leak/stain resistant underwear THINX underwear sold ($28-$78) , seven AFRIpads will be manafactured. The washable and reusable cloth pads are created for women in developing countries so they can go to work without embarassment or discomfort.