Tiger Woods Goes Barefoot For Shot From The Water In Honda Classic Tournament

Tiger Woods discarded his shoes and socks while competing in the Honda Classic tournament Thursday (Feb. 28).

The 14-time major winner sent the ball into a water hazard and put on his rain pants to hit the ball from the water for an even-par 70 in the first round of the tournament, reported Reuters.

Woods hooked his tee shot in the small pool and went barefoot despite the chilly Florida weather. The shot landed him 61st place in the Honda Classic, tying with Rory McIlroy, who is currently billed as the world’s top golfer.

“It was only half submerged so I could play some sort of explosion shot and get it back in the fairway,” said Woods. “I wasn’t trying to advance it very far just get it back on the fairway and give myself some sort of wedge shot in there – which I did and got up and down. If I didn’t get that up‑and‑down, I am looking at a six, three‑over, and all of a sudden I flip it, make par there and birdie the next. Could easily have been three and all of a sudden I’m even.”

But the field isn’t the only place where Woods is getting some action. He was recently spotted out and about with ex-wife Elin Nordegren and their two children.