Tiny Beyonce, World’s Smallest Dog, Turns One

They named the pup Beyonce because it was “a survivor” — just like pop diva Beyonce sings on the Destiny’s Child track of the same name, “Survivor.” Beyonce the dog, aka Tiny Beyonce, turned one this month after being born prematurely with no heartbeat a year ago on March 8th, 2012. She was not breathing, weighed one ounce, could “could fit into a spoon” and was no bigger than an iPhone or tennis ball, making her “the world’s smallest puppy.” Veterinarians from Northern California’s Grace Foundation, a rehab ranch for animals, rescued the pup, who was born to a pregnant street dog the animal shelter saved. Now, fully grown at 3-pounds, Tiny Beyonce works as an “ambassadog” helping raise awareness for rescue pet adoption. “She is a dog that survived death three times,” said her rescuing vet Beth DeCaprio. “We were able to revive her. She’s really just a miracle pup.” Adds DeCaprio now, “She was able to save over 200 last-chance animals this year. Imagine what she can do in her second year.” Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy