Tom Cruise, Cher Dated? Cher Says It Was Love

It’s old news, but still pretty wacky: Tom Cruise and Cher dated in the 1980s for a brief spell, and the legendary diva claims it was love.

It’s hard to imagine now, but remember that Cruise has always had a thing for older women – witness his marriage in 1987 to actress Mimi Rogers, seven years his senior. But Cruise and Cher dated? Still boggles the mind.

The NY Post quotes Cher, talking to Entertainment Tonight back in 2008, on her relationship with Cruise. “It was a long, long time ago and neither one of us ever talked about it and I don’t know why. When we were together he was such a private person. He always has been until lately. He didn’t mention it and I didn’t mention it. I loved him though, he was amazing.”