Too Short Will Not Be Prosecuted for Felony Drug Possession of Meth

Too $hort made headlines this week after he was pulled over for another DUI and attempted to flee the cops to no avail. The “Rap Like Me” MC was arrested, thrown into the back of the cop car where police found drugs, later revealed to be meth. Too Short was booked for felony drug possession. Despite the sticky situation, Too $hort kept seeing the glass as half full.

Luckily for Too $hort, an L.A. County District Attorney has decided not to go forward with prosecuting the felony drug charge. The small amount of meth and the fact that Too $hort has no felony record, deterred the DA from moving forward. Too $hort remains adamant that the drugs were not his, but left there by the prior backseat passenger. $hort’s rep said that the patrol car “smelled like vomit” and “was littered with remnants from prior arrests of the evening.” $hort’s lawyer also says, “Any assertion that $hort was carrying powder is ridiculous! Every rap fan knows $hort’s into weed.” His case is now under misdemeanor review. In 2009, $hort was arrested for two DUIs in Las Vegas, with one of those arrests ending in drug possession, speeding and exhibition of power charges.