Vanessa Simmons to Star in ‘My First Loves’

Another Simmons daughter is spreading her wings outside of the family show.

Rev Run’s oldest child Vanessa will be playing the leading lady in My First Loves, an upcoming film written and directed by Dominga Martin. The 29-year-old Pastry co-founder will play Starla, who she says is an extremely relatable character for women in today’s world. “She is a hard working young lady, who I feel like is looking for love,” she told AllHipHop. “It sounds sort of chick-flickish, but that’s our story aside from our contributions back to the world. I think we are here to find love and to share that with somebody else, and I think that her story is very relatable to other people in what we go through as women in finding that one person we can share our life with.”

Taking on such a role comes with a mix of excitement and nervousness. “I’m very excited,. I’ve definitely had a chance through these couple of years to experiment and do some indies and some TV work, and I’m excited that I was cast to be the lead in this role. I think that it definitely is broadening my horizons and I think it has taken me out of my comfort zone, but I’m excited to tell this story.”

My First Loves should start filming this summer. –Stacy-Ann Ellis