VIBE Exclusive: Gorgon City’s One Hour Mix

Two men. One mission. Kye and Matt, who make up dance music duo Gorgon City, offer fans a strict diet of hip-swinging beats with booty bouncing bass inspired by their musical upbringing on the house, jungle, grime, hip-hop and garage genres.

Along with an exclusive interview about their Black Butter label mates and Ibiza summer plans, the boys gave VIBE a dope premiere of their hour-long mix that features the latest and hottest acts from the U.K.’s underground dance scene (see full track listing at the end of the interview). Take a listen and read on to get an in-depth look at one of this year’s rising acts.

VIBE: If you could compare your sound to any city in the world, which would it be and why?
Kye: I know it’s a bit of an obvious choice, but it’d have to be London. Although we love exploring all different kinds of house music with Gorgon City, I hope it still retains that London vibe somewhere in our music.

Matt: Yes, London is my hometown and is my main influence. It’s now a major hub for all things dance music and has always been one of the best clubbing cities in the world. Our sound is definitely a product of this thriving environment.

What would you say are the top five European spots to experience great dance music?
K: Motion, Bristol: there is definitely a unique atmosphere to the city that I can’t quite put into words – it just has to be experienced. Space, Ibiza: probably my favorite club in the world, both for DJing and just getting lost in the music.

M: Berghain, Berlin: amazing, legendary club with a serious sound system and atmosphere. Fabrik, Madrid: this is a serious 15,000 capacity club on the outskirts of Spain’s capital city. GOA [Electronic Parties] is one of the best events, which starts at midday on Sunday. Spanish people know how to party.

What’s the origin story behind Gorgon City? How did you guys come together and start making music?
It was originally started as just a one-off collaboration. We worked so well in the studio together that we decided to make more and more tracks, and eventually it turned into it’s own project altogether.

What were some your earliest musical influences getting into the game?
K: For me, it was my mate giving my brother and me some rave tapes when I was 13. Then around 2006, I discovered house music through hearing the likes of Jesse Rose/Made to Play, Switch, Trevor Loveys, etc. I made music all through my teens, but it was only when I started making house music that I got results I was happy with.

M: Mine were through listening to my Dad’s records, and Jungle tracks from my brother’s mates. Then buying decks and getting addicted to the black stuff.

Tell us more about your label mates at Black Butter Records. What’s it like to work these artists? Have there been any artists that have really left an impression on your band and its music?
K: What I love about Black Butter is that you can tell they have an enormous passion and love for the music. I love it all, especially the regulars like our mates Woz, Kidnap Kid & Hostage.

M: I’ve been part of the camp since the beginning alongside Rudimental, and it’s been a great journey. To see where we’ve all got to is an inspiration.

Talk to us about your last EP ‘Real’.
K: It was just a collection of four tracks we had made at that time. We were really happy with the Yasmin single – we wrote it quite quickly and were on a vibe that day! She’s really easy to work with, obviously real talented, and proper knows her stuff.

M: Yeah we had other tracks done as well, just had to go with the strongest ones at the time. We’ve got a lot more to be finished!

Which artists (producers/DJs/rappers/hip-hop) would make up your collaboration dream team today?
Thom Yorke, Riko Dan, Ed Rush & Optical, Chemical Brothers, and Justin Martin.

There’s rumor about a new single with Nikki from Clean Bandit coming out in April. Could you tell us a little bit about that?
We remixed Clean Bandit’s Nightingale, and we’re blown away by Nikki’s voice and performance on it. So we got our management to hook us up a studio day with her. We’re lucky we get to work with such great artists.

What other plans do have for the rest of 2013?
More productions, vocal tracks, and stuff that’s a bit more underground. We really want to experiment. Also, our summer is looking stupidly busy; lots and lots of festivals and trips to Ibiza.

VIBE Mix Track Listing:
1. Carlos Pulido & Lopzhouse – So Much Deep
2. James Dexter – Forward
3. Sonny Fodera – All The Things
4. Yousef – Beg (Hot Since 82 Future Mix)
5. Jay Lumen – Warehouse
6. Dale Howard – Give Me (Leftwing & Kody Remix)
7. Gorgon City – Real ft Yasmin
8. Breach & Dark Sky – The Click
9. A1 Bassline – Trip Over
10. Hannah Wants & CL122 – So Special
11. Darius Syrossian & Hector Couto – Metal
12. Friend Within – The Pull
13. Last Magpie – Roots
14. Kate Simko – Go On Then ft. Jem Cooke