VIBE Exclusive: Jesse Saunders ‘Chameleon’ (Basement Mix)

VIBE: Describe your sound in three words:
Jesse Saunders: Funky, bootyshaking, Uplifting

What inspired the OLD SKOOl NEW SKOOL 3?
I like to educate through my music, so putting the best of the old vibe with the new was a no-brainer. It’s the easiest way to show where this EDM came from.

Who are your electronic music inspirations?
Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder.

If you were to produce and ultimate track with one “EDM” producer and one rapper spitting a verse who would it be?
Roger Sanchez and I have been talking about collaborating for years…one of these days our schedules will line up! Hmmmm the Rapper…maybe LL or Common!

Craziest Ultra memory?
Craziest Ultra memory is easy, not getting paid after I played an amazing set 10 years ago!

What can we look forward form you this year?
This year I am expanding the Broken Records label and releasing more Artist oriented projects. My original DJ crew will be hosting the 23rd annual House Music Reunion “The Chosen Few House Music Picnic” in Chicago on July 6th. Last year we had over 40,000 people in attendance. My Radio Network and marketing company Electronic Music Cafe is expanding to inckude more DJ shows, Artist features and Social network promotions for Sound Cloud, Twitter and Bulletin boards. And last but not least, I’ll be on my 100% Pure House Music tour this summer throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and the USA…culminating in the 2nd annual Pure House Music Festival in Las Vegas in October! This tour features the official House Music Art and the evolution of the DJ exhibits.