VIBE Hits WMC with Jeremy Carr: All He Needs is One Mic

VIBE has been dropping the complete 411 on your favorite artists that will be taking over downtown Miami for Winter Music Conference 2013. As the days dwindle before we head down to the dance music mecca, VIBE brings you exclusive coverage and interviews to tide you over until the beats-bumpin’, sun-blazing madness ensues. Hookin’ you up as always, this time we are joining forces with StadiumRed and APA to bring readers the “This is Music” Party at SL, Perfecto and APA Pool Party and Electric Splash

Rocking out at WMC parties will be singer-songwriter Jeremy Carr, who sat down to chat with us at the March Madness commences.

VIBE: Craziest WMC/ Ultra Memory of all time?
Jeremy Carr: Back in the day: all-nighter, no hotel, hunting for the DJ I was performing with and found him face-down sleeping on the beach.

Do you have a tip for WMC/Ultra first timers?
Go everywhere, see everything, and don’t even think about sleeping.

Best late-night greasy food joint?
Jerry’s on Collins and 14th.

Fave club to hear DJ’s play music?

Fave mega club? Hotel?
LIV / Fontainebleau.

Must-have performance item for Miami?

Must-have accessory (hat, shades, shorts, etc?) for Miami?

Most embarrassing live performance moment? How’d you’d you recover?
On stage, about 15,000 people, and the mic failed. Recovered when they tossed me a new one.

What can we expect from your performance this year at the shows?
You’ll have to wait and see.

In three words finish this sentence: “March in Miami mean to me…”
Time to party.

Latest record/ Ep/ Album/ Video Release?
‘Live Forever’ and my new record, which I will drop in Miami.