VIBE Premiere: Keys N Krates ‘Treat Me Right’

Hip-hop/electronic trio Keys N Krates (comprised of members Adam Tune, David Matisse and Flowinsky) started out in 2008 on a mission to bring something different to the music industry. Fast-forward almost five years later and we see their blend of rap beats and trap/electronic music stirring the dance scene, landing the no. 1 spot on Billboard’s “Next Rising Artists” chart.

Today, they drop their latest single from Dim Mak, “Treat Me Right”, on VIBE first in anticipation for the upcoming release of their EP Solow. The track’s hip-hop basses combined with feel-good electronic synth melodies explains why these three dance pioneers should be “treated right” by contemporaries throughout the rest of 2013 since they’ll most likely be remixing this track at future festivals and concert halls.