VIBE TV: Paperwallet Puts Artistic Twist on Everyday Accessory


Paperwallets are dope. When VIBE was walking through the hundreds and thousands of branded booths at Las Vegas’ fashion trade show Magic, the company stopped us dead in our tracks with its colorful setup and monster-dressed living statue. We wanted to look around and play.

Paperwallet puts a new spin on the Average Joe accessory. Using Tyvek, the breathable yet waterproof paper thin stuff used to wrap homes, the eco-friendly and durable wallets are folded into various sizes that can fit into your back pocket. But Paperwallet’s true ambition isn’t for holding all your benjamins, it’s to get art out on the streets, but they’re just using a different canvas. Each paper-thin wallet features the artwork of an artist from somewhere in the globe. Andres from Argentina, Venezuela’s Masa, CYRCLE from Los Angeles, Calif. and Poland’s Klonek are only some of the street artists and designers that Paperwallet works alongside. Consider Paperwallet your new must-have.