VIBE WMC Exclusive: Get Into Trouble With Modern Machines

VIBE’s been bringing you exclusive coverage and interviews on the long yet finally-upon-us Winter Music Conference 2013. With Ultra in Day 2 and Miami already crawling with DJ from across the globe and thousands of revved up party people, we are this much closer to the VIBE event going down this week during WMC. Hookin’ you up as always, this time we are joining forces with StadiumRed and APA for “This Is Music” at SL Miami on March 20th, Perfecto and APA Pool Party at the Clevelander on March 22nd, and Electric Splash at the Viceroy on 23rd.

Rocking all three parties will be NYC-based house duo Modern Machines (Dimitry Mak and Blake Kapla), who sat down to chat with as the March Mayhem commences.

What can we expect from you for WMC/Ultra as first timers?
Absolutely NO sleep. We plan on seeing and hearing everything we possibly could and taking it all in.

Which mega club are you looking forward to checking out?
Looking forward to checking out the only mega club that matters in Miami, LIV. Hopefully we’ll have some time while we’re down there to go look.

What DJ are you most looking forward to hearing?
The hard part about WMC/Ultra is that a lot of the DJs are all playing shows at the same time, so it’s hard to catch all your favorite acts. If time allows, we’d love to go see Snoop Dogg at Ultra – he’s always a fun live show.

Of all the parties that you are doing, which are you most looking forward to?
Since this is our first time down at WMC/Ultra, we’re really looking forward to ALL of them! Just excited to be down there with all the amazing DJs/producers.

What is on your Miami bucket list?
Just seeing friends we haven’t seen in a while. Really looking forward to hanging out and catching up.

Must-have piece of DJ gear for Miami?
USB Sticks! To be able to exchange music with all the other friends/producers that will be down there.

Must-have accessory (hat, shades, shorts, etc?) for Miami?
Shorts. All shorts everything.

What is the first thing you are going to do when you arrive?
Check in to the hotel and then get local food.

What can we expect from your sets this year at the shows?
We’ll obviously be playing lots of our new productions, and def lots of our own original bootlegs of tracks we like. We rarely play the original version of any song.

In three words finish this sentence: “March in Miami mean to me…”
Lots of SUN.

Latest record/ Ep/ Album/ Video Release?
We just dropped a record called ‘Trouble’, which is available for FREE download on our Soundcloud (see below), and when we get back from Miami we’ll be releasing a record called ‘We Are The Night’ sometime in April/May.