VIBE WMC Exclusive: Party with Sted-E and Hybrid Heights

VIBE’s been bringing you exclusive coverage and interviews on the long yet finally-upon-us Winter Music Conference 2013. With Ultra in Day 2 and Miami already crawling with DJ from across the globe and thousands of revved up party people, we are this much closer to the VIBE event going down this week during WMC. Hookin’ you up as always, this time we are joining forces with StadiumRed and APA for “This Is Music” at SL Miami on March 20th, Perfecto and APA Pool Party at the Clevelander on March 22nd, and Electric Splash at the Viceroy on 23rd.

Rocking WMC will be NYC-based house duo Sted-E and Hybrid Heights (aka Eddie Alcivar and Carlos Rosillo), who sat down to chat with as the March Mayhem commences.

VIBE: Craziest WMC/ Ultra Memory of all time?
Sted-E & Hybrid Heights: Craziest moment was three years ago when we got drunk and after playing an event at the South Seas Hotel, we decided to start diving into the pool!

Do you have a tip for WMC/Ultra first timers?
Pace yourself! There is so much going on during WMC. It’s about having fun with friends/colleagues and enjoying all the great music.

Best late-night greasy food joint?
A great place to check out is this gyro spot on 10th street and Collins Ave.

Fave club to hear DJ’s play music?
We personally love Nikki Beach. In the daytime they play sexy,deep and funky house, and at night they play the club bangers.

Fave mega club? Hotel?
There are so many! We love Space, and a venue we played last year called ‘Ice Palace’.

Must-have piece of DJ gear for Miami?
A 32-gig or better flash drive, laptop and headphones.

Must-have accessory (hat, shades, shorts, etc?) for Miami?
Shades are essential, not just to look cool, but being in the sun for so many hours will get to you.

Most embarrassing live performance moment? How’d you’d you recover?
We were DJing an event and the music just stops. We had to throw in a sound effect and make it seem as part of our set!

What can we expect from your sets this year at the shows?
We have lots of new productions that we are testing out for the first time in Miami. Many collaborations with talented producers and artists. We are also going to play a lot of new remixes we have finished.

In three words finish this sentence: “March in Miami mean to me…”
Networking, party, drinks.

Latest record/ Ep/ Album/ Video Release?
Our debut album See U Move is available everywhere.