Visine Poisoning: Man Spikes Girlfriend’s Drink With Eye Drops

This is not the way to win a fight. A 27-year-old man was arrested this past Thursday (March 8) for poisoning his girlfriend by spiking her drink with Visine eye drops after a domestic dispute.

According to ABC News, the incident took place in Grass Valley, California, between Shayne Carpenter and his girlfriend. After an argument, Carpenter spiked his girl’s drink with Visine, the eye drops that purport to “get the red out.”

He probably shouldn’t have texted his friends about the prank, though, because his snooping girlfriend found the messages and phoned the cops.

“He was making texts to his buddies that if ‘she’s going to be talking crap then she’s going to be crapping,’” Lt. Steve Tripp, of the Nevada County Sheriff Department, told KXTV News 10. “We got admissions from him over the phone, when he was admitting to her, that he had done this.”

Cops handcuffed Carpenter on charges of poisoning and domestic violence. He was released from jail on Friday on $25,000 bail.

His girlfriend has been released from the hospital.

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