Vixen Chat: Brianna Perry the YRB Talks New Mixtape, Meeting Beyoncé and Female Rap Beefs

Brianna The YRB Symphony No. 9: The B Collection

VV: You have a track called “Dear Hip Hop.” Name a moment where you had to write yourself a letter because you were dealing with so much in life?
BP: “Dear Hip Hop” is close to my heart. The XXL Freshman [2012] cover, just feeling over looked and bypassed…It was hard to deal with those things.

Who do you look up to?
Beyoncé is my idol. I think she’s the ultimate woman. She’s a great role model. I’ve got to meet her twice and her humility is just outstanding. I think for her to be that great and be loved by so many people and still have that humility about her has really inspired me.  She is a blessing to all of her fans and she leads by example.

You have the song, “Take My Breathe Away,” too. Can you name a moment that took your breathe away?
Meeting Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Miami. She congratulated me and said that she’s a fan of my work. That took my breathe away. Jay told me to never change and that I’m a star. We laughed and joked about some stuff and that was a special moment.

What’s one thing your fans should know about you, if they don’t know already?
I love them. I just want to keep giving them good music. I’m here and I’m not going to stop. They can follow me on Twitter at @BriannatheYRB and on Instagram at @BriannaPerry. Just get ready because we’re about to set it off!