Vixen Chat: Chef Dawn Tyson Talks ‘Soul’ Cookbook, Shares Cooking Tips for Every Vixen

Dawn Tyson SoulVV: What do you think of cooking reality shows? Would you ever be apart of one?
DT: It’s been in discussions, but a lot of the cooking shows sort of look like the same show, just in a different studio. I think if I ever did something like that, I’d want it to be different than what’s on TV. Everybody’s doing barbecue, but one person is adding lime to their barbecue or another is adding jalapenos. It’s the same thing.

Do you think cooking is something every Vixen should be great at?
I think every person should know how to cook for themselves. My cookbook makes recipes easy for people who are just starting to cook. There are recipes that are from my family and things I grew up with. You can go to ShopRite, Pathmark, it doesn’t matter.  You don’t have to go to these crazy places and find pepper from Indonesia (laughs).

What tips do you have for beginner cooks?
I always tell people start with breakfast because it’s easy. If you go out to brunch, that’s stuff you can make at home. You have eggs, butter, milk and flour in the cabinet. You can make biscuits. If you have eggs and bacon, you can make an omelet.  

I love crock pots. I think it saved my sisters because you throw the stuff in in the morning–some vegetables, some chicken or some beef. Cover it, turn it on and when you get home, you’ll have a meal.

What can we expect from your cookbook, Soul: Southern American Cuisine.
What you’ll find in the book are really easy soul food recipes that have been passed down in my family. When I was writing the cookbook and putting together these recipes, it brought back a lot of memories like my grandmother’s mac-n-cheese  that she made for years. I’ve sort of elevated it to 8 cheeses [Laughs]. You just want to eat it and not have anyone talk to you! These are very traditional soul food recipes that I sort of put my twist on them.

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