Vixen Chat: Models Devyn, Sandra, and Ebony Talk Oxygen’s ‘The Face’


VIBE Vixen: How has it been so far?
: It’s an amazing opportunity for all the girls and me. We all want to win, but it’s also about the experience itself and learning from these supermodels. The best way to learn to be a model is from Naomi, Karolina and CoCo.

How’s it learning under the guidance of Karolina, specifically?
It’s great working with Karolina. She’s such a humble person. She really understands what this competition is about and what the person who wins the competition has to be. It’s not just about being a pretty face but knowing how to handle yourself correctly and being professional.

Is balancing being a mother and being on the show difficult?
It was more of me missing my daughter and wishing I could bring her on the show. It wasn’t like I could call her and see her face everyday. It was just me knowing that I have to make this experience completely worth it.

Have you noticed changes in yourself since the show began?
My focus. Doing the show has opened my eyes that anyone can do anything.

What’s the best advice Karolina has given you?
No matter what you do, have fun with it, even if you mess up. If you have a positive attitude about that, people appreciate that and would be willing to help you.