Vixen Chat: Tashiana Washington Talks ‘Gimme The Loot’ and Actresses She Admires


Tashiana WashingtonRising actress Tashiana Washington stars in independent film Gimme The Loot. Directed by Adam Leon, the movie centers around two young graffiti artist on their adventurous New York City days as they try to raise money to tag an iconic landmark. Washington traded in her girly exterior for a touch of tomboy attitude to fulfill her role as Sophia in the Spirit Award-nominated feature (Best First Film).

Vixen got a chance to chat with one of the stars of the film as she gives us insight to her character and the process for the movie.

VIBE Vixen: Describe Gimme The Loot in your own words?
Tashiana Washington:
I like to describe the movie as an urban adventure. It’s about two graffiti artists that live in the Bronx. They are trying to get $500 dollars so that they can write graffiti on it. It’s not necessarily about graffiti; it’s about two kids running around the Bronx and Manhattan over the course of these two or three days trying to hustle up some money.

How much is your character Sophia like you?
It’s funny because she’s the complete opposite of me. We’re like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Sophia is somewhat of a tomboy–really tough and really strong. She hasn’t come in touch with her feminine side. If something goes wrong, she’s either going to fix it or yell at whoever she needs to yell at to make sure it gets done.

How do you think people will perceive the movie?
Different audiences accept it differently. Some people look at it as a love story, some people look at it as a comedy. New Yorkers can really relate to it because it shows a different side of NY. This movie you see the everyday common, real New Yorkers running up and down 14th Street and Washington Square Park, stuff that a real New Yorker would see.

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