Vixen Chat: Tiara Thomas Talks Touring With Wale and Plans for 2013

Tiara ThomasVIBE Vixen: How has it been on the road with Wale?
Tiara Thomas:
Being on the road and being able to perform in different cities every night is so exciting and inspiring. It’s a lot of fun!

How does it feel when you come out on stage and see people singing along with you?
It’s so crazy. Hearing people sing my lyrics with so much conviction is amazing, especially with “Bad.” It’s like this sexy connection between me and everyone else. I freestyled that hook with my guitar.

Speaking of sexy, Vixen is for strong and beautiful women of color in this new century. What does it mean to be a strong and beautiful woman?
Being a strong and beautiful woman is me emulating the uncommonly sophisticated and persevering women in my family and in history. My mom, grandmother, sister, relatives and women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing throughout my life who’ve demonstrated a commitment to both family and excellence under all and any circumstance. Being strong and beautiful is about being you at whatever cost and preserving those things that make you unique.

What are some of your fashion style influences?
Sexy, comfy, quirky. I really love a modern ’90s bad girl look.

Do you have any more endorsement deals on the table other than American Eagle?
Inquiring minds want to know, right? Well, if I give it up on the first interview, you’ll have nothing to look forward to. Let’s make a date for a follow-up interview in maybe May or June. Save the date.

Plans for the rest of 2013?
2013 is already off to an amazing start, rating D.A.F. (Dope As Fuck) on my Richter scale. If I have my way, I’d love to continue to connect with people through music. My team, The Board Administration, and I are up to our usual routine: No days off. Expect the expected and unexpected from us in 2013–new music, new collabs, new energy and fly new shit you kids probably shouldn’t try at home.