Vixen Chat: Tweet Discusses ‘Simply Tweet’ EP and Relationship With Missy Elliott

Tweet3What type of advice would you give to probably someone who’d want to follow in your footsteps?
Make sure this is what you want to do and that you’re passionate about it because it doesn’t come quickly. You have to work for it. Make sure you’re ready for it. Pray and make sure you keep God first with it all and never compromise. Keep your artistry and your art number one. If you don’t want to do a country record and somebody’s pushing you to do a country record, don’t do it. Just stay true to who you are and never stop.

Is that your story? You came out wanting to do your music your way and the way they were trying to brand you was something that you weren’t really feeling.
In a way, yeah. Honestly “Oops (Oh My)” was a mistake. I never really said I’d want to do “Oops.” I was riding in the car with Missy [Elliott], and she was playing some music that Timbaland did for her. “Oops” came on, I sung it and she was like let’s just re-record the record. They didn’t push me to do it but it just stuck. So I compromised a little bit on the first album. It just happened.

So what’s the relationship with Missy now?
We’re still sisters. We still talk every now and again. We don’t see each other as much, but we still plan to do music together. We’re still tight.

What’s some of the best advice she’s given you?
To be me. Missy always appreciated the fact that I knew what I wanted to do. I knew what I wanted to sound like, and she embraced that. She trusted me. And the best advice was for me to do me and that’s what I did.

If you could pick one artist to follow in your musical footsteps.
My daughter. She’s getting into the business and she’s very talented, so I would pick her.