Vixen Inspiration: How to Communicate With Your Man

Many women I’ve coached have asked these questions: How do I communicate with my man, or how can I get him to express his emotions or feelings?

The communication barrier between men and women has existed since the beginning of time. And while there’s no surefire answer to getting through, because each man is different, here are some useful tips to help important conversations with the man in your life go smoothly.

  1. Know that a man’s emotional vocabulary isn’t as extensive as a woman’s. You must be patient and give him time to find the words to describe his emotions.
  2. Women can process their thoughts at a quicker pace than men. If there’s a problem between you and a man give him time to respond this may require a day or two and be okay with that.
  3. Create a safe environment for a man to express his emotions. Remember, for a man to spill his guts, he must trust you and feel comfortable enough to share.
  4. Understand relationships are a process, and as two committed people grow together, communication will become easier.

I hope this helps, Vixens. God bless!