Vixen Inspiration: Making Choices

The right to make choices is one of Gods greatest gifts to us, but it often feels like a curse. The truth is, you always have the option to choose. You can decide to smile or frown, enter into a relationship or even select what to wear everyday. Options are always present.

Today I want to employ you to be mindful of your decisions. When you make choices you create an energy that turns into actions. The total of those actions equals your life as a whole, and the end result is either a blessing or curse. So, how do you make better choices? Follow these steps…

1. Rid yourself of as much emotion as possible. Emotional decisions often lead to disaster.

2. Clarity. You must have a clear head to really access a situation or option.

3. Gather all information and weigh your options. Exercise discernment.

4. Make a decision.

These steps will help aid your journey to greatness Vixens! Be blessed!

Pervis Taylor III, is a Life Coach Workshop Leader and author of the book Pervis Principles Volume One. For more information visit and follow him on twitter: @pervistaylor