Vixen Spotlight: ‘Just BE Cause’ Editor Syreeta Gates

Just BE CauseIn this generation it’s important to stand for change and make a difference, it’s also important to have the right inspiration to make that transformation. Change maker Syreeta Gates decided to take matters into her own hands and use her college loans to fund her book, Just BE Cause: Ah Ha Moments To Inspire the Next Generation of Change Makers.

By reaching out to contributors from Forbes “Names You Need to Know,” TED Fellows, and Fast Magazine’s ” 100 Most Creative People,” Syreeta was able to get her peers to share their experiences with young adults. The book not only addresses stories of movers and shakers in the social entrepreneurship world, but also addresses bumps in the road that young people relate to.

Just BE Cause is exactly what young people need to change the world. Written by 33 contributors of the Millennial generation—ages 16-60, from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and traditions—the book challenges readers to not only create their own ideologies around social entrepreneurship, but it serves as a guide to help them navigate obstacles. Syreeta is well on her way to becoming a heavyweight in the entrepreneur world and this book is proof.

Vixens, you can get inspired by Just BE Cause by purchasing it here and check out the list of contributors on the next page.