VV Must See: Ailey II’s 2013 New York Season

Ailey_II DancersForget frilly dresses and chic sunglasses, the best way to kick-off the Spring season is to be front and center at a dance performance. There’s something about seeing a dancer in action that’s refreshing. The lights, the costumes, the abalicious males—it’s all a must see.

This month Ailey II, the second company of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, is offering 14 performances March 13-24.

Favorites include One Forgotten Moment, a showing of love and loss in relationships, Virtues, a blend of contemporary modern and jazz movements, and Quintet, a choreographed dance composed by the late Alvin Ailey. Best of all, the performances are led by Artistic director Troy Powell, the second person to lead Ailey II since its inception in 1974.

Visit alvinailey.org/AileyII for dates and showtimes. Tickets are on sale for $49.

Photo Credit: Eduardo Patino