Watch: 82-Year-Old Emma Anderson Brutally Tossed Off Train In Miami

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The video below tells the story of Emma Anderson (pictured), 82, an elderly woman who was reportedly dragged off of the Miami Metrorail train system last month for singing religious hymns “too loudly”.

Is there something about being Black and “loud” that scares the rest of humanity? According to WSVN 7 News, the answer would be a resounding “yes,” as you can see an unnamed security guard approaching and removing the octogenarian. The footage shows Anderson sitting in the corner seat of a railcar when the security guard requested the old lady to quiet down on the religious tunes.

As the train stopped at Brikell station, the guard quickly grabbed Anderson’s cart roughly, which prompted Ms. Anderson to hold on for dear life as she was dragged off the train.

One would think that the train authorities in Miami would come up with a more humane way to remove a passenger from the train. Our senior citizens don’t always have full control of their faculties, heck, some of us young people don’t as well. But regardless if she was suffering from dementia or just plain eccentric, the guard should have taken a gentle approach towards an unarmed elderly woman.

Props: HuffPo