Brandy Talks ‘Two Eleven’ And Tyler Perry Movie With ‘The Skorpion Show’

During a concert stop in Philadelphia, an ecstatic, curly-maned Brandy sat for an interview with YouTube duo The Skorpion Show to chat about her latest album Two Eleven, her upcoming role in Tyler Perry’s Temptations and missing the rush of performing thanks to her acting gigs. “With doing The Game and really putting time into that, it’s taken away from that connection [with fans],” Brandy explained. “Not that I’m glad it’s over, because I love The Game and I love acting, but this is where it is for me. This is the most personal thing in my life, my music… I become a different person on stage.” Freshman R&B crooner Luke James also discussed performing with Bran and possibly hooking up for a collaboration. Click to watch the full interview.

Bonus Brandy performance clip below.

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