Watch: First Look At Marvel’s ‘Ant Man’ Teaser Trailer

Edgar Wright’s upcoming adaptation of Marvel’s Ant-Man sprung a leak online, so you should check it out before the file gets pulled!

The highly regarded concept teaser trailer surfaced online and features the size shifting superhero tearing apart two suited agents, much like how Black Widow did in Iron Man 2. Even though the film is a few years off the way, it has been officially announced by Marvel and Disney last year. The footage, which you can see below, was shown at Adam Buxton’s U.K. show The Best of Bug, where it was once again met with rousing approval.

It is our first time seeing the clip and we must say that it’s pretty incredible to see Dr. Hank Pym in action. Wright’s fast-paced, hard-hitting style and technique is evident even if you are watching it through a cell phone camera. The rumor on the web is that a full Ant-Man trailer could find its way into the preview section during Iron Man 3. Let’s hope so!

Enjoy the shrinkage below:

If nothing else, this should get your movie engine revving for the possibilities in store for us in 2015. Ant-Man is leading the charge along with Dr. Strange and Black Panther for Marvel’s Phase 3, which is set to begin after The Avengers 2.

Props: Movie Web