Watch: Keke Palmer Respond To ‘TLC’ Biopic Criticism

Is this becoming a habit where actors have to defend themselves and their casting choices?

Keke Palmer has opened up again about the backlash that she is receiving over her casting as Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas in VH1’s upcoming biopic about ’90s R&B girl group, TLC.

Many fans of the female supergroup were upset that Palmer was chosen for the role, saying that she doesn’t look anything like Chilli. While Palmer already defended herself quite nicely — even going so far as to say Angela Bassett looked “nothing like Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to Do With It, but still turned in an excellent performance” — she explained her thoughts about the criticism even further.

The 19-year-old told EURWeb, “It’s not about looking like this person or like that person. I mean I could understand if I was doing Bette Midler, I mean I don’t look anything like her, but at least I’m the same race as Chilli!”

Palmer also went on to say that the biopic, titled Crazy Sexy Cool after the group’s second album, started filming on March 6.

The former Disney star isn’t the only actress who has received backlash for her casting in a film. Star Trek Into Darkness star Zoe Saldana has repeatedly come under fire when she was cast as legendary songstress Nina Simone in the upcoming biopic, Nina. Saldana was blasted for being too “light skinned” to play Simone, and photos of a darkened Saldana wearing a prosthetic nose and afro wig did little to squash the ire of angry fans.

While that matter may be understandable, should fans and critics take umbrage with Palmer’s performance choices?

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