WATCH: Stanford Student Solves Rubik’s Cube While Juggling

Being nerdy is cool. Being nerdy and coordinated… that’s beyond cool.

Meet 21-year-old Ravi Fernando. (That’s him on the left.) Ravi, or Sir Ravi as the Internet has affectionately begun calling him, holds the unofficial record of solving a Rubik’s cube WHILE JUGGLING. It’s an unofficial record, as his friend filming the viral video points out, because Ravi seems to be the only one on Earth who can do it. The mathematics undergrad gives the cube a quick twist each time it comes through his hands and it doesn’t take long before each side of the puzzle is monochromatic.

Ravi is no stranger to the Rubik’s cube. He often participates in official Rubik’s cube competitions. He can solve the cube in 7.65 seconds, 19.27 seconds with one hand, and 5 minutes and 56 seconds BLINDFOLDED making him one of the coolest dudes on Earth. There’s even video of him and a pal solving the Rubik’s cube together … blindfolded.

While it’s evident Sir Ravi is what Rubik’s cube aficionados would call “addicted to the cube,” he seems to be taking it where no man has gone before. Watch the juggling Rubik’s cube amazingness below. (Kids, hit the books and the cube.)