Watch: The World Become Overrun With Zombies In New ‘World War Z’ Trailer

It seems like the end is nigh for us, but before we go to the other side, let’s check out the new trailer for Marc Forster’s World War Z.

The fast-moving zombies are agile and destructive in this new clip, which features Brad Pitt as a United Nations worker who leaves his family at sea to search for clues to stop the terrifying destruction. The film, which is based on a cult classic novel by Max Brooks (son of Mel Brooks), is an action-packed trailer that you have to check out.

Gets your adrenaline up, no? As Lane leaves his family to report on the zombie outbreaks that cause chaos in large parts of the world, it seems like Brad Pitt will be caught up in some pretty hair-raising situations. Director Marc Forster is promising a lot of high tension moments, big explosions and a ton of dramatic CGI effects.

World War Z is due for release June this year.

Props: Mashable