Winter Music Countdown: Julissa Veloz Dishes on Deep House and Strip Clubs


Winter Music Conference is finally upon us and VIBE has the complete 411 on your favorite artists that will be taking over Miami for the high-octane affairs. As the days dwindle before we head down to the dance music mecca, VIBE brings you exclusive coverage and interviews to tide you over until WMC 2013 is officially underway. Hookin’ you up as always, this time we are joining forces with StadiumRed and APA to bring readers the Perfecto and APA Pool Party and Electric Splash on March 22nd and 23rd.

Rocking both parties will be EDM artist and songwriter Julissa Veloz, who sat down to spilled some dirty secrets and crazy memories with us before the March Madness commences.

VIBE: Craziest WMC/Ultra Memory of all time?
Julissa Veloz: I had a show that went fantastic, and I was feeling SUPER HYPE. Afterwards, I was chillin’ in the VIP with fans and friends, but decided I wanted to take the party elsewhere. I invited the entire club out to join me at the strip club. Best. Night. EVER. Plus, they had surprisingly good breakfast bacon there too.

Do you have a tip for WMC/Ultra first timers?
Definitely. You’re not a superhero, so if at any point you are so obliterated that you think you can fly…you can’t. Get off the ledge and take the cape off!

Best late-night greasy food joint?
David’s Cafe. I’m a true Latin, even drunk.

Fave club to hear DJ’s play music?
For me, Space. I like a seedy, deep house, ‘it’s 4am and everyone’s faded’ vibe.

Fave mega club? Hotel?
Pacha, Pacha, PACHA…and Fontainebleau.

Must-have performance item for Miami?
Two vodka tonics. I can’t perform without tearing the seal and letting the inhibitions go.

Must-have accessory (hat, shades, shorts, etc?) for Miami?
Sunblock. I always think that because I’m Spanish I won’t burn, but i’ve been wrong every freakin’ year.

Most embarrassing live performance moment? How’d you’d you recover?
Ah! I was performing at the Cleavlander and forgot the words to both my songs, one after the other. (I had four vodka tonics instead of two, because some hot guy kept buying me drinks…my mom taught me manners so I can’t be rude, now can I?) Like a true professional, I just made up the words and nobody even noticed. If you look at pictures of the performance though, you can see my manager behind me with this ‘WTF’ look on his face!

What can we expect from your performance this year at the shows?
I’m a lone ranger. I don’t have dancers and I don’t have props. I don’t have auto-tuned vocals and I don’t karaoke my own damn songs. I sing, I entertain, and when it comes down to it, if we have a short circuit that causes the music to stop, I can ‘A capella’ the hell out of a song and still have the audience screaming my name.

In three words finish this sentence: “March in Miami mean to me…”
Getting into trouble!

Latest record/ Ep/ Album/ Video Release?
‘Zimmee/Overload/Hands Up’. First full album due in the fall.

Catch at the Perfecto and APA Pool Party
Friday, March 22nd, 2013
Noon to 9pm, 21+
The Clevelander Pool and Patio, 1020 Ocean Dr. Miami Beach (Ocean at 10th)
Get Tickets here.

And at Electric Splash
Saturday, March 23rd, 2013
Noon to 5am, 21+
Club 50 at Viceroy Hotel Miami, 485 Brickell Ave, 50th Fl (Miami, FL 33131)
Get your tickets here.