WMC Countdown: Spotlight On Beatboys Mysto and Pizzi

Miami is already brimming with beat-makers and party-hoppers as the days dwindle before we head down to the dance music mecca for Winter Music Conference. VIBE brings you exclusive coverage and interviews to tide you over until WMC 2013 is officially underway. Hookin’ you up as always, this time we are joining forces with StadiumRed and APA to bring readers the Perfecto and APA Pool Party and Electric Splash on March 22nd and 23rd.

Rocking both parties will be NYC-based dance duo Mysto & Pizzi, who sat down to chat with us before the March Madness commences.

VIBE: Craziest WMC/ Ultra Memory of all time?
Mysto & Pizzi: It has to be Ultra Music Festival 2012. We backpacked it out there and had absolutely no idea where we were staying. Luckily, one of our good friends Melissa Sabo, who at the time worked for Ultra Records, was sweet enough to let us crash in her hotel room. We were also able to get free tickets to Ultra Festival thanks to our really close home girl, Wynter Gordon, and got to see Justice live for the first time. Sometimes not planning anything brings the best adventures.

Do you have a tip for WMC/Ultra first timers?
Be prepared for anything and make sure you have your tickets secured. If you think that you are coming to Miami for a week of peace and serenity, go back home! Be prepared to be up for a week straight. Daytime pool parties are at all of the hotels, and they usually start around noon after you most likely have been up the night before raging till 4 a.m.; the music never stops.

Best late-night greasy food joint?
There are late night greasy food spots open in Miami, especially in South Beach? Had no idea.

Fave club to hear DJ’s spin music?
Our favorite club to hear DJs has to be LIV. We went to David Guetta’s “F*ck Me I’m Famous” party, and it was one of the cleanest sounding rooms that we have been to. There’s also plenty of room in the venue to actually dance and enjoy the night.

Fave mega club?
Fontainebleau, LIV and Space Miami for after-hours until the sun comes up on the terrace.

Must-have piece of DJ gear for Miami?
We love Native Instruments’ products. They are a one-stop shop for production and DJing. Native Instruments audio 2 DJ, Traktor, X1 controller are our must-haves.

Must-have accessory (hat, shades, shorts, etc?) for Miami?
We feel like the most important essentials for any music festival or performance are earplugs. A lot of people don’t understand how important it is to protect your ears, and it’s even more important for DJs and performers because your life and career is based around music. They are indeed our moneymakers. The last thing us music-lovers need is to go deaf at such an early age.

Most embarrassing live performance moment? How’d you’d you recover?
One of our most embarrassing live performances has to be a show we did in Vancouver. At the time, we were all Windows/PC-based. We got to the venue not expecting the crowd to be as big as it was. They had our videos and name on huge titan-trons. We opened up our laptops and got the “blue screen of death.” If anyone is familiar with using PC/Windows, it’s probably the worst thing that could ever happen, which means you either have a virus or your system has some serious error that can’t be fixed easily. It set us back 15 minutes… a very long time for a crowd patiently waiting for the experience they paid for.

What can we expect from your sets this year at the shows?
A lot more original records. We feel like a lot of DJs go into a set trying to cater to the crowd playing stuff that they “think” the crowd may like, or playing that one exclusive track or mashup that could make their set special. To really stand out as an EDM producer/DJ, it’s all about what freshness you can deliver from your own standpoint to have the people like: “WTF is this!? I can’t find this on Shazam!”

In three words finish this sentence: “March in Miami mean to me…”
Work And Play.

Latest record/ Ep/ Album/ Video Release?
“Surrender” and “Galax” on Ultra Records.

Catch Mysto and Pizzi at the Perfecto and APA Pool Party
Friday, March 22nd, 2013
Noon to 9pm, 21+
The Clevelander Pool and Patio, 1020 Ocean Dr. Miami Beach (Ocean at 10th)
Get Tickets here.

And at Electric Splash
Saturday, March 23rd, 2013
Noon to 5am, 21+
Club 50 at Viceroy Hotel Miami, 485 Brickell Ave, 50th Fl (Miami, FL 33131)
Get your tickets here.