WNBA Debuts New League Logo

In union with the 2013 WNBA Draft (Apr.1), the premier women’s basketball league will not only usher in a new batch of young talent, but also reveal a fresh symbol to embark on the brand’s new identity and “reflect how far the level of play has come in 16 years.”

As the league heads into its 17th year of ball, team uniforms designed by Adidas for the 2014 season will include the “orange-and-oatmeal color scheme” (that matches the game’s basketball) instead of the slanted red, white and blue staple (seen above).

To honor this change, fans of the league will have the opportunity to engage in the viral launch of the “I Am Logowoman” campaign, celebrating all player’s since the WNBA’s inception.

Check out the new logowoman over at VIBE Vixen.