Zulu Chief King Goodwill Zwelithini Announces Chiefs Will Learn Chinese

Traditional leaders in KwaZulu-Natal get ready to have your Rosetta Stones maxed out to its fullest potential. The King speaks after the jump!

King Goodwill Zwelithini announced that much like the Motherland, he and his traditional leaders are going Chinese. After meeting delegates from the Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University on Monday, Zwelithini and the Zulu traditional leaders are going to learn Mandarin.

The meeting was formed as part of the Ingonyama Rural Development Forum’s Brics program.

The King and his Zulu chiefs are now set to enroll at the Confucius Institute of Chinese Studies, which will be launched at Durban University of Technology later this week. It should amount to some very engaging and edutaining bits of discussion.

“It is my wish that in the near future we also have similar projects where universities in China can offer isiZulu lessons, as that will ensure that there is more understanding between our two nations,” the Zulu monarch said. Professor Lin Zhanxi, of the Fujian university, said that the project was not for commercial purposes, but for skills development and empowerment. Those are two things anyone would get behind!

Fujian University already has a project in place with the Zulu nation (no, not Q-Tip’s upcoming album), after a mushroom growing project was established in 2005.

Props: IOL News