The 10 Best Songs On Funkmaster Flex’s ‘Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself?’ Mixtape


The title of Funkmaster Flex’s new mixtape is Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself? After listening to the entire tape, we know the answer to that question. You, Flex. It’s YOU we’re mad at! We respect your grind, but did you really have to hit us with a 56-track mixtape that’s over three hours long?!

All kidding aside, Flex’s mixtape is a monster. There’s more than enough filler on it, but there’s also a lot of top-notch material. A lot of songs will get lost in the shuffle, literally—again, it’s 56 tracks—so we’re here to help you make sense of the tape with this list of the 10 best songs on Who You Mad At? Click through and take a listen. Happy now?