4 Women Who Drake Should Date and Write Songs About

You can claim that you won’t date the ever-emotional Mr. Aubrey Graham, but several women have never hesitated to nestle up next to the Canadian star. These lucky (or not-so-lucky) ladies never locked down the “Girls Love Beyonce” singer; however, they’ve been inked into his history forever. Literally.

The half crooner-half rapper has penned many songs detailing the events of his love trysts with each bleeding heart, leaving out only a few to dodge a dedication. Appropriately for a rap artist, Drake has dabbled in his share of video models (Bria Myles, Sophia Marie, Vanessa Veasley, Catya Washington, Paris Morton), singing misses (Teyana Taylor, Rihanna, Keshia Chanté), around-the-way girls (Nebby, Alisha, Leanne Sealey), actresses (Andrea Lewis) and strippers (Miliah Michel and others who shall not be named). There are also the few flirty outliers (Hi, Nicki) whose affairs we know very little about and don’t want to group with the others (Taraji P. Henson, Serena Williams, Nicole Scherzinger, Jade and Cece).

Did we miss anyone?

Despite the running list of women who love Drizzy (too), Vixen would simply like to give the man some recommendations. Click through to see our picks.