5 Daft Punk “Get Lucky” Fan Remixes, Plus The Real Thing (For Real, Listen!)


Daft Punk’s lead single, “Get Lucky,” has been setting the Internet on fire the past few weeks before its official release. Blogs have been fooled by some of the remixes of the song out there. Hilarious. (You can hear the real “Get Lucky” in the last slide of this photo gallery. It hit radio today. Hope it was worth the wait.)

VIBE steered clear of these premature phantom tracks. Sure, we danced to them and fist-pumped for what was to come, but our dance music sherpa and Senior Editor Sarah Polonsky had only one thing to say: “We ain’t fucking touching that.” Polonsky was right.

The human-robot machine that is Daft Punk runs a tight spaceship, and “Get Lucky” hasn’t prematurely leaked out of the grasps of Daft Punk’s meticulously well-groomed release schedule for their new album, Random Access Memories, out May 21. Daft Punk have been dropping hints from the album a la mini-music snippets during broadcasts of Saturday Night Live, and more recently at Coachella.

While “Get Lucky” will be available for download at 12:01AM ET on Friday (April 19), according to Daft Punk’s label, Columbia, fans and DJs have taken the two 15-second SNL ads, plus the more recent extended teaser with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers and mashed them up into believable — and extremely, danceable — bogus versions of “Get Lucky.”

VIBE decided to raise the bar and our cups to the stars … We piece together the trail and look at five of the best rip-offs of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” single.

Charley Rogulewski @charleyrogo