5 Ways to Create Your Own Spring Break

Spring break isn’t only designed to cater to the hard-partying college students. Carve out your own downtime on a consistent basis. You may not have the luxury of sending your boss the overnight “headed to Cancun” email, but here are five ways you can create your own two day spring break.

1. Park Party

If you luck out and get clear skies, organize an impromptu park party. Let Twitter and email blasts be your promotional tools to get the word out. All it takes is food, games, a deck of cards, music, and a football to have your friends forget that they aren’t away reveling in the islands of Mexico.

To really spice it up, at just $25, you can attain a sound permit that will allow your DJ friend the task of livening up the party.

2. Be A Tourist

Become a tourist in your own city! When is the last time you went to see a play? Visited an art museum? Enjoyed a comedy Show? Step away from your typical day-to-day regimen to stimulate your cultural side. The best scene is not always the club scene.