5 Ways to Create Your Own Spring Break

3. Host Weekend Tournaments

Sports are always a great way to get everyone together. Pick a sport and host a two-day tournament at the local park. Want to see your friends reveal their fierce competitive side? Once you form your teams, establish the wager. Ladies, don’t be afraid to dabble in a little rough play.

4. Attend Spring Music Festivals

There are tons of new voices and bands hitting the scene. Music festivals are great opportunities to get put on to new artists or brush up on the ones you may not be familiar with. Explore new territory and broaden your musical horizons.

5. Volunteer

It’s pretty much our moral obligation to give back. Wear your “good Samaritan” t-shirt and free a weekend to join any local volunteer program. Whether you’re interested in helping with environmental issues, assisting a local hospital or mentoring, it will be extremely self-satisfying to get involved. You can visit http://www.volunteermatch.org/ to match you with programs available in your city.