Ace Of Base Member Was A Nazi

Not that anybody really talks about Ace Of Base these days, but did you know one of them used to be a Nazi? Just in case you didn’t, Noisey would like to fill you in that Ulf Ekberg, one of their founding members, has a suspect past. It’s been in and out of the news for years, and was just sitting there on Wikipedia and Youtube. But it’s worth pointing out again since most of us Americans seem to have missed that little nugget.

Apparently, he was part of a band called Commit Suicide that’s been attributed with some unbelievably vile lyrics. He denies his band actually wrote them, and the Boston Phoenix claims his name isn’t on any of the song credits that include such racist sentiments. Regardless, he definitely was a Nazi at one point. But he feels bad about that. Bandmate Linn Berggren says it’s the Christian thing to forgive him for his youth. Hopefully that Ace Of Base lyric about the “perfect man” bringing people salvation wasn’t a reference to eugenics and ethnic cleansing.

Can you forgive him? Must be a difficult repentance, being a pop star and all that.