Analyzing The Fashion Of The Dipset Era


The Diplomats—simply referred to for the most part as Dipset—will forever hold the crown as one of hip-hop’s most dominating rap crews to hit the scene.

From hit music to flashy fashion, Cam’Ron Giles, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Ezekiel “Freekey Zekey” Giles, and Hell Rell took the best of Harlem all the way to the Grammys red carpet (more on that later). The legacy they laid down will be remembered for years to come, especially each member’s individual style.

Last week’s Dipset reunion concert for the 10th anniversary of Diplomatic Immunity—the group’s gold-selling 2003 debut album—re-sparked our interest in their unmatchable style. From Cam’s infamous pink furs to Freekey’s war wounds, we look at Dipset as not only dope MCs, but urban fashion icons—with some of their most memorable images scattered throughout. When we refer to them as an “era,” we really mean it.—Keenan Higgins (@HIGzILLMATIC)

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