Battle of the Books: Erica Mena Vs. Winter Ramos

erica mena's book cover

Underneath It All
, Erica Mena
Love her or hate her, Erica Mena is without a doubt one of the shows biggest—and most controversial—stars. Underneath It All is Erica’s life story, which details her humble beginnings: her mother was pregnant with her while in jail and she spent a good deal of time in foster care, where she endured horrific bouts of abuse. Unfortunately, the abuse didn’t stop in childhood—she endured an abusive relationship with the father of her son. Her story is raw and real. She doesn’t hold back.

More importantly, it’s relatable. You’ll see Erica in a whole new light, and those of you who’ve questioned her behaviors and called her “crazy” may find a little bit of themselves in Erica’s story. You’ll notice the hurt little girl who grew into a strong independent woman who’s brave enough to share her story with the world.