Battle of the Books: Erica Mena Vs. Winter Ramos

Winter Ramos' game over book
Game Over
, Winter Ramos
Winter’s book, Game Over, has been boasted as a juicy “tell all.” If you dig Winter, by all means show your support and pick it up. But if you’re looking for dirty little secrets and groundbreaking gossip, look elsewhere. You’ll find some details of her sexual misadventures as she name drops (Ja Rule and Jadakiss), but the book is more autobiographical than the graphic sexcapade-tell-all I was expecting.

The book is a testament to Winter’s business savy—extracurricular sexual activities aside—and she shows us her skills as a hustler. Did I mention it’s a best seller? It’s also important to note that in the front of the book Winter’s co-star Lore’l says she’ll be getting a cut of the book sales. And there’s a disclaimer stating that the book “is a work of fiction.” Hmmmm. Just saying!

Check them out for yourself and decide: hot or hype?